Wednesday, September 21

Everyday you're suffering ?


Everyday you're suffering ? 

Forgive my broken english .

Hen jiu meiyou lai liao -.-
LOL pinyin lagi 

Long time didnt write up a blog .
2 reason .
- Because i dont know what should i write .

- Because after i wrote , i dont know whether got peoples read it or not LOL

Recent life ?

Oh ya !
I resign my work .

That boss SUCK !

My husband also gonna resign his work already .
Because .. we're gonna start our own business !
WOW sounds amazing right ?
Yeah . that was a fairly tale ? NOPE !
It make me feel wanna die ZZZ

Find shoplot , Reatal , Budget , Vacancy , Gown , Renovate .....
Sibeh jiak lak ahhhhh

I know what im doing right now 
This is my dream .
This is our dream .
We're fighting for it 

We wont give up easily :)
Wink *

Just Hope Everything run smooth .

I Love My Man ! Mwuuahs 


Oh ya ...

Hey bitch .
Dont even mess with me . 

You're just a peace of cake .
AAmm You're Finish ~
The End Of The Story :D

Friday, August 5

P for Patience

Ps : Forgive my broken english .

Before this , this blog is a draft from me at 4 August 2011 .
Then now im free for drop it here .
For what i want to record it at first ?
Its because i dont wish to lost or forget what is my feeling at that moment .
And what is the words that inside my mind and i wanna vent it out .

My spirit , my soul , my heart .. melting .
I've do my best in my position , but i still cant get people's recognition .
Yeah , i need to be more patient .
Im stingy , i know this world cannot afford my stingy style .
So i need to hide it , i need it be disappear .

Try to be more strong , try to protect myself more ,
Try to cover my heart with a think layer of ice ,
Try to think before i talk , try to be more smart before i get hurt
Let my heart frozen , beside that wont feel any pain , any hurts ..

Im two faced person . Everyone is . No one perfect .
To be honest , No One Perfect !
Im not anti social , so dont force me to anti all thats .
Im just like that simple , im emotional , i'll show up what i feel .
I know , now im suppose to suite the social network .
Forgive me if i done any wrong . Because im still newbie in social network .

I love you all , but maybe the way i show out is not too suite you guys .
Im sorry for didnt care what you guys feel , but did anyone care about my feelings ?
The answer i dont really know , because i cant really get it clear .

Once you know that someone is lie-ing you , would you keep going and deeply believe in it again ? Would you ?
If me , the answer should be Yes . Im willing to do that .
If you're lie-ing me , means that you guys care about my feelings right ?
Trust is like a piece of paper . Once it's crumpled , it's will never be perfect again .
LOL im lie-ing myself .
When you have something you really deeply love but it causes you pain ,
God is just testing you to see if you're strong enough to hold it .

Once i fall in , Its hard to pull out .

She's strong enough to look back
But broken enough to walk away

From the bottom of this blog , i dont really clear what is my feelings .
But now already till the end of this blog , i still cannot know actually what is my feelings .
Im bluffin . zz

Sunday, July 31

我不是拽 , 我只是擁有高姿態


我不是拽 , 我只是擁有高姿態


爽的話你可以繼續看 , 不爽的話可以走人
放心 , 我不會留你 :)

沒有爲什麽 , 也沒有什麽特別的理由

這篇部落格 , 你可以當我在放屁 也可以當我講聖經
你看 , 你們要怎樣看都可以
坐在那裡看 , 站在那裡看 , 躺在那裡看 ....
隨便你 .
看我幾好 , 都沒有控制你的 :D

看了這麼久 , 你懂我再講什麽嗎 ?
講真真 , 講了這麼久 ... 還是覺得沒有 point =.=
怎樣叻 ? 就是不懂要講什麽啊 . 可是就是死死都要上來這裡八一下
( 服了我自己 ) XD
更何況 , 我講話就是喜歡不講point
怎樣哦 ? 打我囖 :P

人性/心 真的他媽的險惡
好心啦 , 做多點好事不要每天害人
好人做多會上天堂的 ( 我相信哦 ) ..
我不想下地獄 , 所以 我做好人 :D
不要欺負我啊 ! 嘻嘻嘻 我是好人

暈啊 , 不要想了
船到橋頭自然直 =,=

咕 . (╯﹏╰)
對了 !
如果你也是 ... 那我很想很想的告訴你
我不是拽 , 我只是擁有高姿態
不明白 ? Google Translate =.=
我會咬你不放 :)

我最想拽的人就是 狐狸精 ( 現在流行叫 : 小三 )
你真的他媽的賤 !
不要破壞人家好好的感情啦 真的很想一巴給你死
我沒有在罵誰 ( 除非你是狐狸精啦 , 我會討厭你 我會拽你 我會看不起你 )
凸你 !

還是不懂我在講什麽 ? 不用緊啦 反正都沒有point的
不過還是要謝謝你傻到這麼可愛的看完這篇廢話 zzZ

今天是7月的最後一天 :D
Say Hi to August !
嗨嗨八月 !

~ 篇外篇 ~
♥ 愛 愛 愛 愛 ♥


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